Windows Phone Marketplace app submitting

In this article I will show how the windows phone marketplace looks and how to publish apps there.

When you click the Submit App link, you will see the following page:

If you click the square with the number 1, you will see the App Info page:

All that you need to fill out is the App Alias field (i.e. the name of your application) and the Category combobox. That’s all, you can go to the second step:

If you click the square with the number 2, you will see a page with the Browse link where you should upload your xap file:

After that the page will become much longer and will contain several sections. The first section displays information about your xap file:

In the second section you can write a description of your application that will be displayed to end users:

And finally, you should upload a square 300×300 icon and at least 1 screenshot of your application:

Then your application will be submitted and it takes 3 days until it is reviewed and either approved or rejected.

After the application is approved and is visible on the marketplace, you can update your application in a similar way. The update process is almost the same and you will need to wait 3 days as well.


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