My Windows Phone open source application

Though I know Windows Phone development in theory, I haven’t ever developed applications for this platform. That’s why I decided to create one application for one web site which provides json api. The site is an imageboard like 4chan, i.e all topics and messages are anonymous and you can attach images to your messages.

The source code is situated on my github account. I’ve already created an Android application for this web site and published it on Google Play, so it wasn’t so difficult to reimplement the application for Windows Phone. It is definitely much easier than to develop it from scratch.

The Windows Phone project is situated here.

So far the application looks like this:


At the moment the application has the following functionality:
1. Downloads and parses JSON files.
2. Displays the loading indicator during loading, displays the error message if an error has occured.
3. Loads and displays list images (thumbnails) asyncronously.
4. Opens full images in the WebBrowser.
5. Converts HTML posts to RichTextBox controls (the parser isn’t ideal, but it works at least for this website).
6. Makes HTTP POST requests.

By the way, the application is already published in the marketplace and available here:

The certification process was without problems, but I had to wait 5 days.