Just passed 70-480 exam Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Recently I’ve found out that it is possible to pass 70-480 exam for free if you have the promo code. The promo code is HTMLJMP and I’ve found it here: Microsoft virtual academy.

Though I post in this blog more about Windows development, I have lot of experience with web development as well, so it’s been easy for me to pass this exam.
Before taking this exam, I learned some new features of HTML5:

  1. CSS Grid and Flexbox layouts. Yyou don’t need to use difficult floats and absolute positioning any more, everything is as easy as using StackPanel and Grid controls in XAML.
  2. Javascript web workers which run in a real background thread. But I don’t know where they can be useful, it is good only for service calls which are already aynchronous and ajax calls don’t require any background javascript threads.
  3. New HTML tags like <nab>, <aside> and others, which must be useful for search engines, but they don’t seem to be different from ordinary <div>.
  4. Storage API where you can store data instead of cookies. For example, you can save comments which users type and if they accidentally close the browser and don’t post anything, you can restore entered text after they visited the site once again, which is very convenient.

I will not post examples of questions, because you can find them on the famous free website examcollection. Although they have correct questions, sometimes they have incorrect answers, so you should know the subject, certification of which you are going to pass.

Now I can pass other exams and receive MCSD title.
There are 2 of them related to web development:

And 1 related to Windows development:


As you can see, 2 certifications are almost the same. So what they promised became true: you can develop Windows applications by using HTML and Javascript instead of C# and XAML.
I wouldn’t say that it is bad, because actually Javascript is an easy language, and it is much easier to perform UI manipulations by using CSS and Javascript instead of XAML. If you tried to design custom controls, you know how horrible XAML is, it is much more inferior in comparison with CSS. On the other hand C# is much better than Javascript.
So I hope that there will be a way to use HTML and C# together while developing Windows store apps, as it is already possible with web sites and ASP.Net MVC.