Windows Phone 7 chart libraries overview. AmCharts

After the previous post I decided to explore the internet and find some other chart libraries for WP7. Unfortunately, there are only two free chart libraries: the previously mentioned Silverlight Toolkit and AmCharts. You can download the last charts here:

This is a very small library and the last time it was updated was more than 1 year ago. It contains only 4 charts: Line, Column, Area, Pie. Here are screenshots of them:

The code for a chart item is quite simple:

<amq:SerialChart Style="{StaticResource chartStyle}" 
		DataSource="{Binding Charts[0].Items}" 
		<amq:LineGraph ValueMemberPath="Value" Title="Test Chart" />

For some unknown reason, the pie chart should be created by the different XAML code:

<amq:PieChart DataSource="{Binding Charts[3].Items}"
		ValueMemberPath="Value" />

Advantages of these charts:
1. Free and open source (source code:;
2. Display the tooltip if you tap a data series;
3. Look better on the phone than the Toolkit charts with the default template.
4. Have small size and must work faster than Toolkit.

1. Only 4 kinds of charts;
2. Almost no customization, difficult to apply your own design;
3. Annoying behavior: if you tap the legend or the y-axis they will disappear and you will have to tap once again to display them;

As for me, I would use the Toolkit library and would customize their theme so that it looks more like metro style controls. But this library is good as well if you want just to display a chart without any customization.

The source code of the sample application with AmCharts you can download here:


3 Responses to Windows Phone 7 chart libraries overview. AmCharts

  1. huguesdehen says:

    Hello, can I replace the default color and how ?


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