Windows Phone 7 charts. Silverlight Toolkit.

Earlier I thought that WP7 Toolkit had chart controls. But it was surprising for me that charts weren’t ported to the WP7 library and if you want to use them, you have to use the Silverlight 3 toolkit with the S3 controls library as it is described in this post. The thing that I don’t like is that I have to add an extra library and also there is the annoying warning message that the library isn’t compatible with WP7. So I created the WP7 library, downloaded the source code of the toolkit and rewrote some code so that it didn’t use the extra reference.

Now you can use this library, which is more suitable for WP7: System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit.dll.
For some reason the size of this library is 400kb, slightly larger than the silverlight library, I think it is because I haven’t removed *.xaml files.

As it was already said, the xaml code is the same as in WPF and Silverlight versions:

	<charting:PieSeries Title="Test items" ItemsSource="{Binding Items}" DependentValuePath="ItemValue" IndependentValuePath="Title" />

I’m going to examine some other chart libraries for Windows Phone 7 and I will write about their advantages and disadvantages in future posts.

The source code of the tooolkit charts and the sample application you can download here:


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