Updated BindableTabControl post

It is an update to this post.

In that post I implemented the extended TabControl which supported data binding, however it had one inconvenience that it didn’t allow to access and customize its TabItems. Personally me, I have never used TabItems, but it happened that one guy needed to change the Visibility property of specific items, here is his comment. So he added some code to my class and send it to me.

If you use the control from the original post, XAML code will look like this:

    ItemTemplate="{StaticResource ExampleHeaderTemplate}" 
    ContentTemplate="{StaticResource ExampleContentTemplate}" />

Now you can use the third property TabItemTemplate and write your code so:

<local:ExtendedTabControl ItemsSource="{Binding}">
			<controls:TabItem Visibility="{Binding Visibility}" HeaderTemplate="{StaticResource ExampleHeaderTemplate}" ContentTemplate="{StaticResource ExampleContentTemplate}" />

The first code is enough in most cases, but if you want to use some properties of the TabItem class like Visibility, Style, Template, it is preferable to use the second code.

The source code of the updated control is available here.


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