WPF Scheduler

Several years ago I found a Silverlight sample application on one of the sites of Microsoft, that application was called something like Patient Journey Demonstrator and didn’t serve any real purpose but to show what can be created by using Silverlight.
I remember that I decompiled the source code and tried to build something similar, but eventually I didn’t used those controls in any of my applications. Anyway, here is one of the interesting controls:

This controls looks good by the way: you can expand and collapse items representing hours, you can drag and drop appointments from one time to another, also there are some unavailable gray cells which it is not allowed to drag items to. The only one inconvenience is that all items should take the same amount of time and can’t cross the border of an hour.

This code is 2 years old and isn’t implemented well, but at least it works. Maybe some day I’ll rewrite it and make it more useful, as soon as I have a time.
Source code: WpfSchedulerSample.zip


3 Responses to WPF Scheduler

  1. overdrive says:

    This is awesome thanks for sharing the code!

  2. issam says:

    awesome !

    believe me or not , but it’s exactly what i am tryng to do now 🙂

    thanks a lot !

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is very cool thanks for the code!

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