Windows 8 Items controls

In addition to the single-item controls, Windows 8 as well as WPF provides controls for multiple child items by using classes derived from the ItemsControl class.

Common items controls in Windows 8 are:
ListBox – A list of selectable items (the same as the WPF counterpart).
ComboBox – A selection control that combines a non-editable text box and a drop-down containing a list box (the same as the WPF counterpart).
FlipView – Displays one item at a time and allows to traverse its items by using either pop-up arrows or the “flip” gesture.
ListView – Displays a list of items, similar to the ListBox control, but with a difference that it can be used with the JumpViewer control (I’ll try to describe it some time later).
GridView – A specialized ListView which displays items in a form of grid. The same can be achieved by using the ListView control and the wrap panel inside its ItemsPanelTemplate.

Here are sample screenshots of above described controls:

Windows 8 ItemsControls: Listbox, ComboBox, FlipView, ListView

Windows 8 ItemsControl: GridView

The following items controls are not available in Windows 8:

I hope some of them will be available after the final release in the form of Toolkit, like it was with Silverlight.


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